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About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Picasso Deli in Novi has a unique combination of classic deli style & Works of Art sandwiches, along with an array of soups and salads, has made them a local favorite since 2001. Along with serving the best lunch in town, Picasso Deli also serves a variety of breakfast choices and premium coffee drinks.

Wait! That’s not all! Picasso Deli also has a million different catering options (OK….maybe not a million, but who’s counting?) From simple boxed lunches to upscale gala’s Picasso Catering will exceed your expectations.

Where did the name come from?

Allen & Michael (sons of Jerry & Nihad) were driving one day trying to think of a name for the deli they were about to open when it struck them…how about Picasso Deli…Where every sandwich is a work of art! Bam, just like that they had a name. Now how do we tie everything together, Michael asked? Lets name the sandwiches after artists! Good idea. Lets display local artists every month so the décor is ever changing! Another good idea! Lets think of sandwiches that nobody else would think of making! Yet another awesome idea! (We don’t know how we keep coming up with these great ideas, I guess its just a gift.)

Supporting local artists!

Giving back to the communities in which we live and work is important to us. Along with charitable donations and fundraisers, another way Picasso Café gives back is by supporting local artists. Each month a local artist displays their works of art in our café (many available for purchase). Not only does this give the artist a venue to show off their talents, but it also makes the décor of the café ever-changing and fun.

Using the very BEST ingredients!

Serving our customers the highest quality ingredients is the cornerstone of Picasso Café’s business philosophy. But, how can a company use better ingredients and still deliver them to their customers at the same price point as competitors? The answer to this is built directly into the PRG business model. Being family owned allows us to have extremely low corporate costs; no overpaid board members, no fancy company cars, and no elaborate corporate offices. Instead of spending monies on big corporation fringe benefits, we spend it on purchasing higher quality ingredients.

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